This website is a work in progress and I am trying to get it done as fast as I can because I learn from a high school friend., Steve Goodman that

People don’t understand the virtue of time, until their clock stops ticking.” 

Hyperlinks to Items are highlighed in blue when released.

There is a myriad of creations in Art, Photography, Writings, Music , Sculptures and Unique Musical instruments reflecting threads of truth in the tapestry of reality.


Non Fiction Books

  • The Magic of the Didgeridoo Healing Book ( a unique book about how an ancient instrument can be and appliance for healing yourself and others)
  • SING™  Methods (Simple Intensive Natural Gardening Methods book)

Fiction Books

  • The Whooping Cranes First Dance (children’s book)
  • The Cinderella Team of ’66 (short story about an inspiring time)
  • The Kite and the Wind (an illustrated book about a love affair
  • Poems and lyrics
  • I Heard the Song and Flowered the Wave) Ironwoodbob’s musical compositions ebook
  • The Legends of Ironwoodbob (a series of short stories of  adventures)
  • Ten Generations of Thanksgiving’s (a look back at ancestral celebrations)


  • Mixed Media Art
  • Landscape Photography of AZ
  • Garden Photography and Blog in the Garden of Gratitude
  • Flower Photography
  • Photography Outside Sculptures of AZ
  • Garden and Rock Sculptures


Healing Workshops & Products