Learning to play the didgeridoo can become a lifelong, transforming experience that opens portals within the consciousness to expand awareness as the process can change thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  Each class begins with some interactive activity that increases your sensory awareness, listening skills and willpower.  Then homework is reviewed. Next a myriad of techniques that are explained, demonstrated. After that time is give for all to practice new, learned playing and healing techniques. At the end of class student are grouped together to help each other during the week.

The didgeridoo is a musical instrument or medical device that can be used for for a corrective or therapeutic purpose for the players as well as the listeners. Aside from learning the skills to play the didgeridoo with and an endless breath, each class also integrates many other facets of the didgeridoo playing and didgeridoo design.  Sound waves, musical composition, harmony, rhythm, binaural beats, breathing methods and focusing techniques are just a few of the topics that will allow broader understanding the integration of sound and breath with everything from the time of the Big Bang to eternity as well as from the macro to the micro. 

“Be the change you want to see”

Become aware of what we are not aware. Be Curious, Question Everything!

Become aware energy levels and create an environment and habits to maintain energy and focus on the task.

Controlling the breathing cycle connects our consciousness to the our sensory body systems interrelationships. Focus on the subtle senses and affect body systems.
Control your body systems as you release the energy producing chemicals, hormones and microorganisms in the body to create positive feeling and healings. The release of oxytocin for example creates a feeling of trust and need to bond with others. Focus on your twenty two or more senors and what they tell you.

If you hear or play to this spiritual instrument, it will not only enter your ears, but the vibration will enter bodies, heart and thoughts as you experience the moment.  BE HERE NOW!   Control your reactions to external and internal stimuli while having gratitude for the momentary experience.

Sankofa literally means in the Asante language of the West African Ashanti (present day Ghana) people.
“Go back and get it” (san – to return; ko – to go; fa – to fetch, to seek and take)

Unveil the past, visualize from a myriad of perspectives from your ancestry, art, music, movement, memories, history, religion and science. We begin by taking you back to a time that we lived for at least 200,000 years ago, 8,000 generations. To understand ourselves we need to understand some of our traits as a species, from our ancestry, from our family and from our present societal norms. Homo sapiens

Listen, vocalize with intention and synchronize patterns

Synchronize breathing rate and variable heart rate within self and  be transformed to feel the oneness and interconnections with all that surrounds. between other players and listeners. Improve your listening skills and your articulation an vocalizations. Learn to how a specific sound frequencies and music can heal.

This special rhythm of the breath and heart automatically activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Playing the didgeridoo transcends music and  allows the player and listener to forcus on their present thoughts.

here are so  much to learn about the simple tube. From the beginning of the ordering of the universe t o the first instrument that creates its own sound wave when you listen to it to the discovery of how harmonious tones, rhythms, music and sound waves affect everything.

[qcf]All life has water and most all water has life. We are made up of about 60 to 70% water within our body. Plants are made up of 90% water.  If you use the number of molecules to compare rather than the weight, we are made up of 99% WATER.  Drinking water and eating foods that hydrate the body allows brain to function at optimal levels and allows your nervous system communicate with the rest of the body more efficiently and efectively. It also maintains high energy levels, regulates body temperature and aids digestion. Lack of water to the brain can cause numerous symptoms including problems with focus, memory, brain fatigue and brain fog, as well as headaches, sleep issues, anger, depression, and many more. Increasing water intake may reduce confusion, improve focus, increase alertness, and improve memory. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult loses more than 80 ounces of water every day through sweating, breathing, and eliminating wastes. It takes

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