Intro Workshop
“Discover Healing Magic of the Didgeridoo”
This 3 1/2 hour class covers techniques for playing the didgeridoo:

Learn the “Art of Circular Breathing.”
Create Drones & Toots.
Didgeridoo Design.
Improve breath control and vocal articulations.
Health benefits gained from playing and/or listening to the didgeridoo.
Learn relationships between playing and/or listening to the sounds and rhythmic music of the didgeridoo to create a state of mindfulness.

Learn to experience your healing place as a player (practitioner) and a listener (the patient).

Class topics
Each 2 hour class the includes:Bobaradoos

  • Circular breathing is at the cornerstone of didgeridoo playing and is reviewed and practiced.
  • Group critiques and coaches players on techniques for improvements.
  • An experiential interactive component.
  • A question and answer session for as long as it takes.
  • As needed Classes are open 30 minutes before class begins to accommodate student players individual needs.

See schedule for day, time and location of classes below.

1. The Effects from Didgeridoo playing  
      1. Will power, infinity and creativity.
      2. Chemicals, hormones, microorganisms.
      3. Breath, heart and energy synchronization.
      4.  Sensory mindfulness, altered states and concentration.
      5. Exercise and diets.
      6. Introduction to Class 2.

2. A Drone, Circular breathing, Vocalizing
      1.  Breathing techinques and alter states

      2.  Creating a drone and toot.
      3.  Circular breathing
      4. Vocalizations

3. The Historical of sound
1. Stone Age sound, music, speech and instruments.

      2. Listening techniques Video  Sound Experience
      3. playing review and sharing breating
      4. New playing techniques

4. The Science of sound waves
     1. Didgeridoo design and pitch
     2. Timbre
     3. Harmonics,and scales
     4. New playing techniques

5. The Voice
“Sing with your voice, blow a drone with your lips

    1.  Explore harmony
2. Articulation
3. Ventriloquism
4. Beatbox.

6. Synchronizing, Centering and Altered States
1. The “zietgiest” or the ethos of the moment.
2. Synchronization of  the drone, toot, voice, articulations,
breath, diaphragm, thoughts, heart beats and body systems.
3. Learn to regulate the human body system.
4. Focus of the Chi and Prantic energies and other systems.

  5. Hypnosis, binaural beats, concentration, brainwave states.

7 . Tuning, harmonizing the energizing your
instrument the body.

    1. Sound frequencies, resonance and healing.
    2. Rhythmic beats and energy.
   3. The power of the drone, the voice and thoughts.
   4.  Music therapy.

8. The synchronization players and listeners.
     1. Forming groups and blending for harmony.

     2. Recital rehearsal.

9. Group Recital

10. Design and Make a Didgeridoo.

Other TOPICS in Didgeridoo Classes.

Will Power
The Drone  The Toot  Voicing
Circular Breathing Pranayama Breathing  Nostril Breathing Breathing
Mindfullness Relaxation Meditation Concentration
Active Listening The HUM Timbre Dissonance
Physics of Music 1/4 Tones Perfect 5th Golden Ratio
Monochromatic Chords  Solfeggio’s Tones  Schumann Resonance
Anomalies 27,hz 36hz, 54hz-288hz 432hz or 440hz Silence
Binaural Beats Isotonic Beats Musical Fractals  Brain Waves
Homeostasis Power of Intention Proprioception  Tuvan Troat Singing
Heart Math The Insula’s Heart  Touch, Pressure  Overtone Singing

More information is on the Experience page in the Menus
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